We accept donations through PaPal and appreciate anything you can give.

Every year Family Affect offer family’s the opportunity to strengthen their relationships and create more meaningful connections to enjoy, trust, relax and reduce challenging behaviours with one another. In a perfect world, every family would be nurtured by a loving family and achieve great things at school. But the sad thing is not every family knows how to achieve this and Family Affect would like to offer these opportunities.

Sometimes financial constraints prohibit families accessing our service as a lot of our referrals come from other organisations or authorities. Family Affect would therefore like to maximise these disadvantaged families the chance to receive a service from ourselves. Family Affect does offer a free service to a few families at one given time to to help with this. Your generosity will also allow this to happen.

Leaving a donation will also help Family Affect to grow and expand our service enabling us to reach out to more families.

We hope you share our ambitions and together, we can give families opportunities that are truly limitless.