Therapeutic Interventions – Explained


At Affect we offer consultations as part of a family or professional intervention.
We recognise that a therapeutic journey needs to be a holistic approach for the child/family and following an in depth assessment of needs, part of the therapeutic process may be a recommendation for consultations.

Professional Consultations

Professional Consultations Like our consultations with Parents or Care Providers and Education Staff, we can provide this to a wider network which surrounds the child and family. This can involve Social Workers, Outreach Workers, Family Support Practitioners, Residential Staff Mental Health Staff, Health Workers and Team Managers. Family Affect values wider network support to strengthen […]

Dyadic Development Psychotherapy (DDP)

Dyadic Development Psychotherapy (DDP) Dyadic Development Psychotherapy (DDP) involves creating a safe setting in which the child can begin to explore, resolve, & integrate a wide range of memories, emotions & current experiences that are frightening, shameful, avoided or denied. The Therapist uses a range of techniques including non-verbal attunement, reflective dialogue, acceptance, curiosity & […]

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) for Dementia

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) for Dementia At Family Affect we are introducing a brand new service that supports people with dementia and their carers. This new therapy is a revolutionary way of connecting with people with dementia and offering support for their carers and loved ones. The therapy is underpinned with DDP and the principles of […]

Theraplay ®

Theraplay ® Theraplay® was developed in the 1960’s in Chicago USA. Theraplay® is an interactive play therapy designed to enhance attachments between parents or care providers with children. Theraplay® activities are playful, fun and developmentally enhancing and are designed to be practiced with a therapist as well as at home. Theraplay® promotes the relationship between child […]

How Does Theraplay® Differ?

How Does Theraplay® Differ?

Schema Therapy

Schema Therapy Schema Therapy was developed by Jeffrey Young, to treat individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder, but can also be used with other presentations caused by difficult childhood experiences. Schemas can be described as our belief systems or ‘lifetraps’. The theory on which Schema Therapy is based has four main concepts:  Early Maladaptive Schemas Schema […]

Nurturing Attachment Groups

Nurturing Attachment Groups What is a nurturing attachment group? A nurturing attachment group is a programme designed to provide support, guidance and new learning for parents and carers of children who have experienced trauma and abuse and who experience attachment difficulties. The theoretical content is delivered through a range of activities, video and discussion facilitated […]

Trauma Body Awareness

Trauma Body Awareness Trauma has profound effects on the body & nervous system, clients suffering from unresolved trauma nearly always report un-regulated body experiences; and strong uncontrollable emotions and physical sensations. They are often haunted by the return of trauma-related reactions in such forms as intrusive images, sounds, smells, body sensations, physical pain, and constriction […]

Life Story Work

Life Story Work Family Affect provides a unique Therapeutic Life Story work programme, underpinned by Theraplay & Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) which helps children make sense of their identity and past experiences from pre-birth, to this current day whilst enhancing the relationship between the child and their parent(s) or care provider. Our programme encourages the child […]