Family Affect offers a variety of workshops for parents/care providers, including our:

Make Meaningful Connections

Make Meaningful Connections This training is aimed at giving prospective adopters the opportunity to learn about attachment play & how to use Theraplay┬« activities to make meaningful connections with children. The session will help with understanding the impact of play & non-verbal communication has on building attachments & developing ‘attunement’ with children. Aims

Attachment Play for Foster Carers

Attachment Play for Foster Carers This two-day training event is aimed specifically for Foster Carers giving them the opportunity to learn about Attachment Play and how to use play activities to make meaningful connections with the children and young people they care for. Aims

Attachment Play for Adopters

Attachment Play for Adopters This workshop provides adoptive parents with an understanding of Developmental Trauma which affects children who have suffered early life deficits of care. It offers adoptive parents the opportunity to learn about Theraplay┬« principles and how to use attachment play activities alongside non-verbal communication (matching affect) all based on attachment focused therapies […]

Training for Professionals

Training for Professionals Family Affect offers training and consultation opportunities for all professionals who work with adoption and other forms of permanent placed children.

Training for Teachers

Training for Teachers Family Affect offers a unique 4 day Attachment Focused training programme for Schools “To Nurture Confidence & Security in the Troubled Child.” The training is centred around Attachment Play (interactive play therapy) & CAKE (Compassion, curiosity, Acceptance, attunement, Kindness, knowing, Empathy, engagement) to build deeper more meaningful connections in the classroom. The […]