Children and young people with a history of early life trauma can present with a range of challenges in schools. Family Affect offers a consultation service and Therapy for Education Services & Teachers who wish to discuss complex children who are Looked After, Adopted or otherwise permanently placed children in care requiring specialist advice and support.

Family Affect’s educational support focuses on developing good practice and robust school systems for understanding and supporting the needs of permanently placed children in their education setting using CAKE and the four domains of Theraplay® (Structure, Engagement, Challenge, Nurture). The work includes training and consultation sessions for Education Services and Teachers.

Consultations for Education Services and Teachers will deepen knowledge in teaching with CAKE (Compassion and curiosity, Acceptance and attunement, Kindness and knowing, Empathy and engagement) and the four domains of Theraplay® (Structure, Engagement, Challenge, Nurture) therefore bringing optimism and a contentment within a school and classroom.

Consultations are used to enhance and build upon the foundations and knowledge that education services and teachers already have. By enhancing your knowledge the aim is to reduce the consequences of the effect of child trauma thus creating deeper more meaningful relationships, which enhances children’s learning.

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