Life Story Work

Family Affect provides a unique Therapeutic Life Story work programme, underpinned by Theraplay & Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) which helps children make sense of their identity and past experiences from pre-birth, to this current day whilst enhancing the relationship between the child and their parent(s) or care provider.

Our programme encourages the child and their parent(s) or care provider to share the experiences together, a pivotal part of the child’s recovery enabling parents to empathise and attune to their child accordingly.

Life Story work can take the form of a book, magazine, scrapbook, photo album, a timeline, interactive CD or a collection of personal items, such as a hospital bracelet, first teddy bear, a blanket, or drawings and photo’s that date back to the child’s past. This is usually conducted by engaging in an intensive therapeutic treatment plan and depending on the child’s needs can incorporate Theraplay Therapy and DDP.

Family Affect value the importance of children having a record of significant people, places and events in their life. Every child needs to have a sense of identity and of their origins so they can understand the person they are. We therefore, on completion of the Life Story Work provide the child with a Life Story Work book.

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