Attachment Play for Adopters

This workshop provides adoptive parents with an understanding of Developmental Trauma which affects children who have suffered early life deficits of care. It offers adoptive parents the opportunity to learn about Theraplay® principles and how to use attachment play activities alongside non-verbal communication (matching affect) all based on attachment focused therapies to engage with their child/children on a deeper level creating meaningful relationships.


  • An understanding of Attachment Play (interactive play therapy)
  • How interactive play can positively affect the developing brain
  • Developed insight into the nature of ‘relational play’ and its ability to help children form stronger attachments, build resilience, develop a sense of self & increase self-esteem
  • To learn Theraplay® techniques to build upon attachments & develop ‘attunement’
  • To learn a variety of attachment focussed parenting strategies
  • Learn how to use Theraplay® principles in the home setting
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