Training for Teachers

Family Affect offers a unique 4 day Attachment Focused training programme for Schools “To Nurture Confidence & Security in the Troubled Child.”

The training is centred around Attachment Play (interactive play therapy) & CAKE (Compassion, curiosity, Acceptance, attunement, Kindness, knowing, Empathy, engagement) to build deeper more meaningful connections in the classroom.

The training is designed to help teachers to develop attachment based teaching methods working in the non-verbal world of images, impulses, thoughts, metaphors, sensations & bodily emotions as well as words to connect with children & young people whom are stressed, distressed, anxious, nervous, sad, angry, shameful, &/or whom have learning disabilities or suffered relational trauma of neglect & abuse. Feeling safe within a relationship is the key for academic success. Children & young people cannot learn if they are stressed, scared or fearful.

The training provides all teaching staff with an understanding of Developmental Trauma, which affects children/young people who have suffered early life deficits of care. It offers them the opportunity to learn about Attachment Play, non-verbal attunement & Affective-Reflective dialogues to engage with children/young people within joint activities of co-regulating affect & co-creating meaning.


  • For teachers/school staff to gain the knowledge & skills to create deeper more meaningful relationships with children & young people within a school setting to alleviate stress & enable them to feel safe to learn.
  • An understanding of Attachment Play (interactive play therapy)
  • How interactive play & attunement can positively affect the developing brain
  • Developed insight into the nature of ‘relational play’ and its ability to help children form stronger attachments, build resilience, develop a sense of self & increase self-esteem
  • To learn Attachment Play techniques to build upon attachments & develop ‘attunement’
  • To learn a variety of attachment focused teaching strategies based on play & CAKE
  • To learn & develop skills in running therapeutic play groups
  • To gain knowledge & skills to engage children/young people & their parents in Attachment Play technique sessions.
  • For teachers/school staff to recognize, read & respond to non-verbal communication, triggers of distress & help children/young people to develop their emotional vocabulary & understanding alongside their academic learning.

To develop learning & safe practice; 4 half-day group consultations (2 monthly) will follow the 4-day training for all participants. Its important all participants commit to the follow up half days to continue they’re learning & ensure safe practice. The half days will give participants the opportunity to share their work, learn from others & receive supervision &/or to be involved in group discussions/supervisions & further learning.

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